LineLite series

At Stogger we developed a whole new way to light posterboxes and large surfaces! We offer you our patent pending wireless lighting technology; A way to cut down on labor, cost and improve on quality!

The LineLite series is our clickable (snapping) wireless LED solution, specially developed to light posterboxes and large surfaces. To achieve a wireless LED connection, our LED module is powered through the specially designed LiteStrip. With this LiteStrip it is possible to fasten and electrically connect our LED modules anywhere in the LiteStrip. No matter if you want to connect as little as one or as much as one hundred modules or even more!

The wireless LineLite system offers posterbox and signage manufacturers, some significant advantages:

  • Complete freedom: no hassle with wiring
  • One solution developed for Backlighting as well as Edgelighting
  • Easy application: no tooling needed
  • Re-movable LED modules
  • Ultra high light output in combination with quality lenses: saves you up to 80% on LEDs
  • Up to 8x faster LED mounting
  • Innovative 48V system: connecting up to 100 LED modules to 1 connector

If you want to understand our wireless lighting concept in a visual way, please see our 2 video's below. The first video shows the Edgelighting solution and the second video shows the Backlighting solution we have to offer.


In the video below, our Quantum Line 10x40 LED module is used. We developed this module for Edgelighting of posterboxes and large surfaces.
One Quantum Line 10x40 can shine up to 1500mm far and can be applied in lightboxes of at least 60mm deep.

Posterbox example

In the below video made at the CONTACTA tradefair, we filmed the stand of Zeeuws Zakelijk. This stand was build by GBG Goes and they used our wireless lighting system to light these powerboxes.

By using backlighting with only 25 LEDs / m2, they ensured themselves of a cost efficient and high quality light output.


In the video below, our Quantum Line 172 LED module is used. We developed this module for Backlighting of posterboxes and large surfaces.
One Quantum Line 172 can be used to backlight posterboxes spotless from 40mm deep. However, the economically most efficient solution is reached at 100mm deep posterboxes. The LED pitch will be between 200 and 250mm, depending on the print and the used cloth. This comes down to 25 - 16 LEDs / m2 for Backlighting.