Interior lighting

At Stogger we developed a whole new way to light interiors! We offer you our patent pending wireless LED lighting technology.

Ultimate flexibility

Applying lighting in interiors can be challenging! The presence of cables can cause lot's difficulties. Think about ceilings, walls, underneith kitchen cabinets and many more applications. Stogger provides a wireless lighting solution which offers maximum freedom.  

In shops and in homes, interiors change over time. Often, the ceiling light has to be located in the middle of an object, like a table. Unfortunately, the electricity point is often not in the middle of the table, making the use of an ugly looking electric gutter necessary.

Wireless ceiling lighting
When applying Stogger's PowerBoard in ceilings, which has the same thickness as plasterboard, there is no need for cables anymore. The PowerBoard conducts the electricity, making wireless lighting possible. 

As the PowerBoard is strong and stiff, it can be used as a wall. Just like in a ceiling, the wall now conducts electricity, making wireless lighting possible. In addition, it is possible to print a design on the PowerBoard. Especially suitable to apply in exhibition stands.

Underneath the kitchen cabinet, lighting can be installed easily with Stogger's wireless lighting system. 

The amount of applications of our wireless lighting solution is almost endless. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any requests or ideas.