Horticulture lighting

Stogger has developed a smarter and better way to light crops. Based on our patent pending technology, we have developed the ultimate horticulture vertical farming lamp: the Stogger Coolgrow VF.

CoolGrow VF

The patent pending Stogger Coolgrow VF has been launched at the GreenTech 2018 in Amsterdam. Together with our sales partner MechaTronix, our concept of horticulture LED lighting based on double glass was presented to the world. Please see the video below, which was recorded at the GreenTech trade fair.

What makes the Coolgrow VF different?

Currently, basically all vertical farms are lighted with (static) LED light bars. However, there are numerous disadvantages using these light bars. We have solved these issues by developing the CoolGrow VF.

There are several reasons what makes the CoolGrow VF the best vertical farming armature in the market:

  • Ultimate flexibility
    For each customer, lamps with custom light recipes can be produced. Full-spectrum is available.

  • Lowest installation costs

    75% reduction on LED installation costs in vertical farms. No more installation of individual light bars!

  • Ultimate energy efficiency
    Up to 30% increased energy efficiency, due to reflection: lower costs & higher return.

  • LED cooling
    The LEDs can loose their heat to a large aluminium body.

  • Individual dimming
    0-100% dimming of each individual wavelength enabling custom recipes.

  • No more cables
    Powering up to 300 individual LEDs with just one connector.

  • Light distribution
    The type of glass will be selected to ensure an even light distribution at crop level.

  • Hygienic
    The smooth surfaces enable easy cleaning even in the most demanding circumstances such as medical as well as space applications.

  • Water and vapor proof
    Market leading IP67+ ingress resistant.

Need more information?

Do you need more information concerning the science and technology between LED lighting and horticulture? Please visit the website of our sales partner MechaTronix (please click here).